Paper tower technology report

Task description:Yesterday me and my class did a paper tower  game. We were splited in different groups and we got 20 or 30 papers and lots of tape. We worked together through everything but something wasn’t right about our tower it was tall but not stable so it fell  down.  At  the end we all had leaders of each group and we had to talk about our tower. The winning team is 2 because it was stable and tall.

5 thoughts on “Paper tower technology report

  1. Hello khaing may i love how you talked about the paper tower and i like that you and your group talked about the paper tower keep up the good work.

    1. Hi khing may you do great work and spelling and you help me alot keep up the hard work and spelling do not give up on the hard work that you do

  2. Hi Khaing- may ! I hope you had heaps of fun doing this activity ! Thank you for sharing your plan and Ideas to build your paper tower . I Really liked the plan you used and I think it would stand but who knows ? Do you think your contestants were fair and did not cheat ? Hope you had Fun !
    From Niah

  3. Thar Li Swa Par Khaing May.
    I love all the detail and writing you put in each box and your task
    description. Could you explain what strategy you were trying to use? Your group put a lot of detail in this. Keep up the great work Khaing May.
    From Isla-May.

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