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Spy mouse MISSION

“Hi I’m Sydney the mice I love going on missions!  


One day I was at my house with my family and all of our food went missing. There was a missing crime. I went  to get my safety gadgets including my bag. As I put on my shoes I could smell SMELLY HUMAN FEET crawled into a room where it was clear like the sun. I saw a shadow I crept as a ant into a shoe But it’s not over yet I have to find my belongings I went back I saw my older brother I whispered to him and I said “ here’s a rope I want you to tie it to the light bulb”


“Ok! Said my brother


I reached down and saw a trap but I didn’t mind I reached down my hand and I could see my afternoon shadow I saw also cheese in the trap 


“Lower Lower and STOP I shouted


 I grabbed the cheese but it wasn’t over yet. My brother shouted I can’t hold you for that long Suddenly My brother couldn’t bear to hold the rope any longer. My bestie came to  save the day. She’s one of those overprotective  butterflies. She flew with her wings as fast as she could, losing one hope to lose a friend. I scream like a hyena. I was so lucky I was saved, 50% of mice mostly die from mouse traps. 


                  To Be continued