Tag: math

Following Directions

Task description:Today I did some maths about directions it was fun and easy to do We had problems to solve like if you started at a blue star then take two steps foward the right 1 time. My favourite part of all  of this was when I had to colour the stars. While I was doing this I felt happy and excited because it was easy and it was quite fun to do byeeeeeeee.

My Atoms

Task description:Today me and my class but also room 16 did an activity about Atoms. My buddies were Caroline and Zumidah were all buddies. We all worked together like team work Zumidah got wear gloves and the most best part was we got to eat chocolate chips and white and pink marshmallows.

Baking Anzac Biscuits

Task description: Today some of the people in room  16 and 15 baked some Anzac cookies. My favourite part was baking .The people who were in my group Niah,me,Jilliane,Isla-may,Aleyria. This week we all learned about Anzac day. We were all following everything on the list. At  the end we had to put them in the oven. After when it baked we got to take a photo and wait for them to cool down.