Tag: Cybersmart

Tidy Drive

Task description:Today I had an task about cybersmart. This task was about how to keep your drive tidy this was kind of challenging but dragging the pressitations was kind of tiring thats why it was challening. I was kind Of Succesful but my next step is to learn new things about cybersmart.

What Makes Me’Me

Task description:Today I did some Cybersmart called What Makes Me’Me. My favourite part of this is all of this because it was easy and fun to do. While I was doing this I felt happy and tired. I also felt tired because I been working a lot. My Family Makes me’me because they had gave me a good life.

Tidy drive

Task description:Today after lunch my and my class did some cybersmart. It was really fun and easy because it was very fun. My favourite part was draging the arrows and it was very nice. While I was doing this I felt happy because it was very fun and easy to do.

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