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One rainy cloudy day on a Tuesday room 15 and room 16 gathered up in rm 16. Mrs Moala had setted up a challenge. And guess What it was a lego challenge. I love legos so as my friends,On the mat everyone started to blur out “ LEGO!”


As soon as everyone stopped yelling then we all got splitted in different groups. I was in the front row. This is how we got into groups: the people behind me  were in my group and we all started to move somewhere. Mrs Moala said “The first shortest person in your group has to come here and get a full bucket of lego. I was the shortest so I had to go I had grab more lego about 4 times.

My brain

task  description:today I finished my summery for my brain it was all about body parts it was easy. My favourite part was writing and I got insert my picture on the front page. While I was doing this I felt happy because it was easy and short to do bye.


Task description: Hello there its Khaing-May here and i’m going to be showing you my picture it was easy and fun to do. My favourite part was drawing on photopea. While I was doing it I felt happy and excited.

Making Lists

Task description:Today I made a list for me to do later or now and it was fun and easy. My Favourite part is writing the steps on my white board  because it was fun and cool to do. While I was doing this I felt happy and excited because it was fun and easy like what I said first.